GHOST STATIONS™ - The Frequently Asked Questions

This covers FAQ's about the Website!

This page contains the answers to your most frequently asked questions:

Q. Is my browser compatible to use your Web Site ?
A. It should be as we have tried to make the Web Site as browser friendly as we can, however you should have an up to date browser to fully use our Site(s). Check our Computer and Browser for Web Site Compatibility Section.

Q. Some of the pictures don't show up and I just get a little x in the corner of where I'm sure a picture should be ... why ?
A. This was a frequent problem with our first proto-type Web Site as we found that all computer browsers do not work the same. However we have largely addressed this problem and it should be rare for any to encounter it, but if it does happen hold down on your computer the Ctrl key and at the same time press the F5 key in IE. This is a Hard Refresh, which should refresh the page and if for some reason the information passing through the Internet from our Web Site to your computer had a hiccup in the first attempt at viewing the page, the refresh gives it a second attempt to get it right. If you still have a problem it might be your computer or browser, but we will still check. Please contact us.

Q. Some parts of the Site don't work ... why ?
A. Rare if this happens, but again we come back to our old friend the browser. We use a lot of different scripts through our Site(s) and different browsers deal with them differently. In fact, different versions of the same browser handle such as JavaScript differently. We have tried to make our Site(s) as compatible as is reasonably possible so you shouldn't encounter much of a problem. Computer and Browser for Web Site Compatibility

Q. Will you be up-dating and putting in new stories and services ?
A. Yes we will, new stories and investigations are being worked on all the time. And for those that follow GHOST STATIONS™ there is plenty to look forward to.