RSS feed

RSS publishes a RSS feed, available in the RSS 1.0 format. RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication or Rich Site Summary. These feeds contain article headlines, links and descriptions and are updated as new information is added.

Viewing and using RSS feeds

To use our RSS feed follow these easy steps:

Step one

Download or sign-up to a news reader service. You will find that there are several free online RSS aggregators, such as Google reader, where you can sign up and bring your feeds together into one web page. Alternatively you can download a feed reader program such as Feedreader 3 or NewsFire. A list of other RSS readers

Step two

Click on the RSS feed. Either click on the online feedreader service you have signed up to or copy the feed address from the bottom of the box to paste into your chosen reader program.

Step three

Your RSS feed reader should now automatically update with the feed.